Celebrate St.Patrick’s Weekend under the Umbrella with Damien Bar (YOON)

Umbrella Ink Tattoo StPatricks Day

Umbrella Ink Tattoo St Patricks Day

Please join us at Umbrella Ink Tattoo the weekend of March 17th-19th to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day weekend with friend Damien Bar (Yoon).  Damien comes from Beelistic Tattoo in Cincinnati OH, has tattooed mAryD, and rocks an amazing amount of facial hair.

There will be blood, and snacks, and lots of tattoos


DamienYoon Flash damienbar Damien Girlface Damien exploited Damien Dagger Damien Bar warchiefDamienYoon FlashDamien exploited DamienYoon Flash damienbar Damien Girlface Damien Dagger Damien Bar warchief .



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