I don’t know what I want, can’t you just draw something?

Drawing custom tattoos is what we do best– guessing is not. If we were to play this out, we would only find out what you DON’T want– to the frustration of both of us.

The real beautiful thing about tattoos is that it is a collaboration between us artist and client.  We are just artists with out you, with you we are Tattoo Artists.  With your story, idea, preferences we can figure out a way to make a real cool tattoo. Without your imput, you’re kind of at our mercy–what’s cool to me, might be awful for you (mAryD has a very dirty mind), but if we work together we can uncover what it is you actually DO want (and will pay for) and get to the business of tattooing that expertly.

We have tons of books, flash, and  experience (if all that fails, internet access) to help you narrow down what’s cool for you, we love to talk tattoos and show you possibilities.  Call or stop by for a free consultation with an artist.  Good information is great practice.

On occasion our artists will have special drawings posted on social media, if one of those speak to you speak up! Follow us on instagram  @dAlopho or @UmbrellaInk)