Kevin Cole owns and operates Umbrella Ink and actively pursues his day-to-day life with a a strong work ethic and a desire to create. He is a patient and calm fella , despite his bear like appearance. He knows your tattoo is important to you and has the technical skill to deliver a solid, clean, (and more to the point) BEAUTIFUL tattoo to your skin. He has a passion for traditional symbols as they equate to our lives and knows that your design expresses things that cannot be put into words.  He is more than proficient with script tattoo and geometric blackwork, stippling and abstract, but flexes just as comfortably through traditional Japanese, color blending, and delicate girly designs.

Kevin is a pro disc-golfer, a family man, an avid home decorator, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist at heart, and Renaissance man. His solid foundation in being good to people, regardless of the outcome, seems to resonate through everything he does.

He is the rock solid foundation of Umbrella Ink — consistent and dependable. Come see Kevin Cole for your next tattoo; his work speaks for itself, there is none finer.