Our very own mAry D will be headed to Phoenix for the world-renown tattoo convention HELL CITY!





Our Very own mAry D is headed to Hell City Phoenix August 14-15 to party down and do a little work.  She is honored to get to teach her seminar “Shameless Self promotion” and will be joined by special Hell City guest Pete from Tattoo Cloud (The man who designed this lovely website you’re viewing now).  If you’re a tattoo arist looking to increase your visibility and smooth out your public persona/”brand” you would do well to sit in on this 1.5 hour little class.  She will also be covering the tattoo convention for Skin&Ink magazine in between dips in the saltwater pools and shoots with beautiful tattooed people in the desert.  We’ll miss her, but she always brings back goodies from our friends at Kingpin Tattoo Supply and Eternal Ink… so we can’t wait for her return!

Check out the course description, and email her at to book your spot in “Shameless Self-Promotion” today!
“Shameless Self-Promotion” with mAry D and guest Pete Kirk from TattooCloud!
Friday, 12-1:30 pm lecture (optional fieldwork and Q&A immediately following 1.5 hours). Cost $50. Participants should bring their own cameras (and accessories) and a portfolio. This course will be a “how to” on putting yourself, your shop, and your art “out there” . We will be focusing on building your core group of supporters and working out how to tell people about your accomplishments and abilities without looking like an overly confident ego-maniac. We will take a three hour tour of simplified tattoo photography, media kit building and distribution, bio writing, and social media presentation (etiquette and timing, etc). The course will include a take home booklet of helpful hints and a massive list of magazine and web contacts to help you get the word out about your work as well as follow up contact info for the instructor for future use. When skills learned from this course are coupled with solid tattoo work, your visibility in a (arguably) “saturated” market will increase exponentially. Bring your camera (flash, blank SD cards, etc), your portfolio, and an open mind–Let’s have some fun.Instructor Bio:mAry D writes and photographs for a handful of tattoo magazines and manages Umbrella Ink with her husband Kevin Cole in Valparaiso IN( With over 20 years experience in professional photography and 6 years in a tattoo shop, she brings a lion’s share of hard won experience and education tailored specifically to help the hard working folks in the tattoo community get published and recognized for hard work. She teaches seminars at tattoo conventions and in her community and has helped some of the biggest names in the industry increase their visibility. See her work on the covers and inside the pages of Ink Fashion, Tattoo Savage, Rebel Ink, E-Volved, Prick, and Skin & InK.Participants should bring:
Cameras (and accessories) as well as a portfolio.
Q&A immediately following!Prepay via paypal at (please add note “HC Seminar” and contact info/ web/ Instagram).
Email all questions or RSVP and contact info to