I have been managing Umbrella Ink Tattoo for the past 8 years. I took the plunge and began my tattoo apprenticeship in September of 2013. My training has prepared me to be flexible to provide an style of tattoo for our clients, but I prefer to take smaller, single sitting pieces. I am concentrating my personal style and preferences towards blackwork tattoos: script, symbol, mendhi and traditional designs, and vintage illustrations. I just like the aesthetics of simple blackwork designs, and feel that with the demand for good clean blackwork in our community, I can primarily concentrate on providing that to our Umbrella family. I will consider other small color designs, but reserve the right to suggest that a client would be better suited to see an artist in our shop that specializes in bright color-bomb work. I really appreciate all the love and support of Umbrella clients and artists, thank you for letting me be kick ass at a craft I love to the core.

You can see more of my work, writing and photography, on the pages of national publications like Skin & Ink, Tattoo Savage, Ink Fashion, and a small handful of others.