Thanks to TattooCloud our website woe’s are over.   They have taken all the headaches and nearly all the work out of our website so it’s actually fun to update it now and it looks and works great!

All our artists can now update their tattoos on our website using the TattooCloud mobile app on their iPhones.  This is a huge time saver because it even watermarks the images on the fly so we don’t have to do that part by hand.

If you are looking for a great solution for a tattoo artist / studio website, we highly recommend TattooCloud.  You won’t be dissapointed.

So even if you aren’t ready for a new website you should make a free profile so you can be found on the directory/map pages.

They even provide a subscription that let’s you integrate your TattooCloud portfolio onto an existing website.

Take a few minutes to explore the website and especially the Directory Pages: | and the real-time tattoo feed from all the artists:

Last but not least, you should follow them  They will promote your tattoos if you have a profile on the site AND you watermark your images to protect your brand/copyright.